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    深圳市怡勁手袋制品有限公司(袋類、工藝盒類生產制造商),是一家集設計、生產、銷售的生產企業,生產經驗20余年,主要生產Pu、Pvc、帆布、棉麻、草料、TPU、EVA等材料各式手袋、化妝包、晚妝包,多用途收納袋、掛衣袋、鞋袋、購物袋、草編袋、沙灘草蓆、珠片工藝袋、金屬片工藝包、亞克力工藝包、珠寶首飾袋、寵物袋、電壓袋,液體動態電壓袋、贈品袋、電腦包、皮具、證件套、手機套、平板電腦套、刀具套、錢包、鎖匙包、皮帶、皮革盒、化妝盒、珠寶盒、首飾盒、木盒、竹盒、酒盒、眼鏡盒等,是一體化的專業生產廠家,本廠擁有多種高端專業設備,有電腦縫紉機、電腦繡花機、絲印、電壓機、超聲波機等配套先進設備,年生產能力超過380萬只。  產品遠銷歐洲、美國、日本、韓國等市場,并獲得法國巴黎歐萊雅國際認證通過,深得手工業界、縫紉工藝界新老客戶的喜愛和好評,先后與十多個國際品牌公司愉快合作,至今保持著順暢的業務往來,如貴司有需要與我司合作,我司將用最大的努力做到最好,謝謝
    Shenzhen Eternal Power Handbag Limited (manufacturer of handbags & artificial boxes) is an enterprise specialized on design, production and marketing of customized bags.  We have over 20 years of experience in manufacturing a wide range of bags with reasonable prices.  There are a wide ranges of material for our products, which included PU, PVC, canvas, cotton, straw material, TPU, EVA, acrylic.
    We have a wide ranges of products.  Our products are included: cosmetic pouches, evening clutches, multi-purpose bags, clothes hanging bags,shopping bags, straw bags,  sequin bags,  acrylic bags, heat sealed bags, heat sealed bags with liquid, souvenir bags, laptop bags, leather wallets,  chain purses,  leather boxes, cosmetic cases, optical cases.and so on
    We have various ranges of advanced equipments.  Our equipments are included: computerized sewing machines, computerized embroidery machines, silk-screen printing machines, heat sealed machines and supersonic machines.
    Our products are mainly exported to Europe, USA, Japan and Korea markets.  We gets quality approval from France L’oreal.  We are working well with many international brands.  Our products are well suitable for handmade industry and marketing companies.  We are expecting to set up a long term and mutual benefit business relationship with customers from all over the world.